"With two boys in braces we spend many hours with Greenwich Braces! Always a pleasant experience for my boys and myself."

-Beth Barsanti


"Dr. Ryan was thorough, patient, kind and made sure we understood exactly what was going to happen. Both of my children are comfortable and happy to come here. We highly recommend Dr. Ryan and Dr. Christensen."

-B. Karen


"I would highly recommend Dr. Ryan. Both my daughters received her care and guidance through their orthodontic work. My older daughter had a very over crowded mouth with many complications. She has a beautiful smile with all of her adult teeth!"

-T. Francine


"Aiden has had a wonderful experience at Greenwich Braces. The doctors have been thoughtful, kind and thorough. It has been wonderful seeing her since her smile come together :)"


"Staff is pleasant and always goes the extra mile to find appointments. The doctors set expectations and communicate well to our children. So fortunate to have you in our backyard."

-D. Leslie


"My daughter, Genna, has been going to Dr Rosemary Ryan and Dr Tiffany Christensen for over three years now for both a palate expander and braces. I would highly recommend them to any family with children in need or Orthodontics. There is really no reason to look further! They are both exceptionally knowledgeable and talented in their field and they run a professional and courteous practice with their team. Genna got her braces off last week, her teeth look perfect (retainer to come!) and the entire experience was first-rate. They are top doctors in Greenwich and we are fortunate to have the 'Greenwich Braces' practice here in town for our kids."

- Meg McQuillan


"Dr. Ryan is incredibly competent and reliable and we can not imagine having another orthodontist for our kids. Her practice is a valuable asset for our community and is conveniently located in downtown Greenwich. The staff is friendly and diligent and both my 11 year-old daughter and my 13 year-old son absolutely love going there for treatment. Thank you Dr. Ryan for taking such good care of our kids smile."

- Camilla Gazal


"I turned to Dr. Ryan and Greenwich Braces for help after 4 years with another orthodontist. I now have a treatment plan, end date and a knowledgeable orthodontist who has a state of the art office and experienced office staff. I'm sorry I waited so long. It is a wonderful office."

- Jan Whelan


"Dr. Ryan has been nothing more than helpful. I used her for all 4 of my children and she has been the kindest orthodontist I have ever met. Prior to Dr. Ryan, I was using another orthodontist who was no comparison to the charismatic and good-natured Dr. Ryan. Her staff was more than helpful and sweet. She even called in to ask how my child was feeling!"


"…What WAS helpful was meeting his favorite former student and now orthodontist extraordinaire, Dr. Rosemary Ryan at a (scintillating) dental event. Rosemary is so warm and approachable that before long, I was confiding my desire to present a straighter smile to the world…"

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